StarAtlas Holographic Medical Imaging System (MR)

StarAtlas MR consists of 3D reconstruction workstation, cloud server and mixed reality (MR) space station. The 3D reconstruction workstation achieves efficient 3D reconstruction of CT and MRI data. The MR space station and the supporting back-end server make the Holographic medical image reviewing and interactive innovation available in clinics.

Holographic Medical Image Review


In the Holographic scene, the 3D model reconstruction is based on individualized DICOM medical images of patients, ensuring authenticity while the medical image review becomes easier.

Doctor-Patient Communication


Patients and family members review the “3D replica” of the patient`s lesion with doctors. Patients can more intuitively understand their diseases, and effectively avoid the potential medical disputes.

Holographic Preoperative Planning


With Holographic 3D models in StarAtlas , doctors can observe all details of the lesion, dig out the essential medical image information, and more effectively define the preoperative plan.

More Intuitive Rounds Discussion


StarAtlas supports synchronous viewing of the same Holographic model, real-time sharing of holographic scene helps young surgeons to better understand the operation and improve their medical skills.

3D Intraoperative Guidance


The Holographic review of 3D medical images during the operation provides surgeons with more valuable reference images and guidance, which improves spatial cognitive ability of surgeons.

eViewer: Intelligent Medical Image Interaction System

eViewer - Intelligent Medical Image Interaction System. eViewer is an intelligent image interaction system designed specifically for clinical doctors. Leveraging artificial intelligence image processing technology, it effortlessly enables the browsing and measurement of various image data, automatically generates three-dimensional models, and provides doctors with more comprehensive, intuitive, and three-dimensional anatomic information. It utilizes a high-sensitivity, low-latency, ultra-clear 4K smart display for touch interaction, facilitating communication and collaboration among multiple individuals, greatly enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of medical information transmission. Its remote conferencing feature seamlessly integrates real-time audio, video, and image data transmission, enabling convenient remote consultation anytime and anywhere.

Case discussion


Teaching rounds


Doctor-patient communication


Remote consultation


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Visual 3D Medical Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on cutting-edge medical science and technology, which takes "Sci-tech empowers Medicine " as its mission and "building up a whole process digital surgery platform with a surgical robot at its core" as its vision. Supported by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, holographic visualization, surgical navigation robots and cloud computing, combined with the design and development of supporting intelligent surgical tools and the establishment of a digital surgical consumables library, the company has achieved from preoperative 3D image assisted surgical planning, to intraoperative holographic visual navigation, and then to precise operation of surgical robots. It provides a reliable guarantee to promote the leapfrog development of surgical methods from traditional experience-based surgery to predictable, high-precision and fully visualized intelligent surgery.


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